Meet the Ger Girl

Holly Sortland lives in western South Dakota with her husband, Eric, and four children: Cisco, Auggie, Lily & Pearl. She loves animals. The Sortland household has four dogs: Teddy, Trixie, Minnie & Daisy, and five cats: Chainsaw, Mr. W, Traxie, EJ & Bella.

Holly grew up in Rapid City, attended St. Olaf College in MN and Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Il. She has lived on both coasts, and prefers the Pacific. She’s worked as a hotel housekeeper, a waitress, a cashier, and a staffer for a United States Senator. She is also a former pastor in the United Methodist Church. Her debut novel, Uri Full of Light was released in June 2020.

Having been diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease in 2019, Holly is a passionate advocate for health care reform in the United States. She is currently in the process of converting to Judaism and is a frequent blogger on Medium.

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